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Helping a person reach his/her goals in life is a very warm feeling indeed! We can definitely vouch for that as we have helped more than 3000 students in their MBA journey!

If you think your goals can be met at CrackVerbal, we should talk!

If you are the type who has a busy work schedule but would love to devote some extra time on teaching or consulting, we have some great Part-time opportunities that can interest you 🙂

Why work at CrackVerbal?


We are a hungry, fast-growing company with a strong vision, always ready to try new ideas. And unlike many start-ups, we are financially robust and very professional.

We offer plenty of growth opportunities, the freedom to set your own goals and plan your work, and a competitive pay based on an incentive-structure.

So what’s not to love?


Current Openings at CrackVerbal


Quant Faculty (GMAT/GRE) - Bangalore

1) Content

• Responsible for GRE, GMAT Quant CV Guide. Making changes according to the student’s feedbacks and inputs.
• Responsible for GRE, GMAT In class hand-outs and Slides.
• Responsible for creating questions for GRE, GMAT books and Handouts.
2). Teaching

• Responsible for taking GRE, GMAT online classes through wizIQ platform.
• Responsible for GRE,GMAT personal tutoring(As per the student need classes will be held – it is 1-1 teaching).
3) Support

• Forum – Responsible for replying queries for GMAT, GRE Quant and IR in CV forum.
• Prep mails and calls – Responsible for replying queries and giving test-feedback for the students mail or call to prep team.
4) Development

• Responsible for GRE OG videos explanations in youtube.
• Responsible for On-demand GRE videos.
• Responsible for the Quant content and bug-fixing in GMATonthego.com.
• Responsible for In-house demos for Quant in Chennai.
5) Miscellaneous
• Helping in on-boarding the Part-time Quant trainers(Discussing with the new trainers about the content and the questions to be delivered in the class)
• Exploring new software that could aid product improvement (Example: 800score.com etc..)
• Replying for GRE, GMAT Quant threads in External forums (Example: GMATclub.com, Pagalguy etc..)
If this job sounds exciting to you and you cannot wait to know more about this, then Apply Below and you will receive a callback from our HR Department.


Verbal Faculty (GMAT/GRE) - Bangalore

We’re hiring exceptional Verbal faculty for our GMAT and GRE classroom programs in Bangalore!
• Are your GMAT or GRE scores conversation starters?
• Do you love advising people on their career options?
• Have you ever been accused of being a Grammar Nazi?
• Has teaching English been your passion?
• Does fixing errors in other people’s writing give you a kick?
Did you answer with a “Yes” to most of these questions?
Then we need you!
As part of the CrackVerbal Academics team, you will do 3 things:
1. Teaching:
As a CrackVerbal Verbal Faculty, you would be teaching along with the best trainers in the business (the average GMAT / GRE scores of our faculty is in the 95th %ile range).

What we teach is fixed, but how you teach it is up to you. We want you to bring your personality to the classroom.

If you love drama and theatre then this is the place for you because engaging a student with the attention span of a goldfish (eroded by Whatsapp, Facebook, and Twitter) for 3-4 hours is an art.
2. Mentoring:

Teaching is just part of the job-role, we also expect you to support students through email, and online forums. It is a lot easier to explain while talking – writing the same explanation can get very hard.

On some days, you may need to conduct workshops, which would require creating content from scratch. On other days, you may need to explain to a
student why his score are not improving. Figuring out the problem is usually half the solution – but it is usually the more difficult half.
If this job sounds exciting to you and you cannot wait to know more about this, then Apply Below and you will receive a callback from our HR Department.


Content Marketing Associate - Bangalore

An exciting role requiring a creative individual with excellent written and oral communication skills.
In this role, you would manage the production, editing, publishing, and promotion of all content on the website and other social media platforms. This includes various media such as text, graphic, and video. This role requires that all content is on-brand and consistent with regards to the style, tonality, and quality.
This role will suit someone who can express themselves clearly and is passionate about design, content and social media.
Primary Responsibilities:

  • Come up with ideas and create relevant content such as blogs, ebooks, infographics, newsletters, slideshows, social media posts. This primary role would be to drive traffic to the website through creative content marketing.
  • Create engaging copy across all marketing channels as well as manage, develop and execute new content strategies. This would involve understanding the domain (GMAT, GRE, Study Abroad) so you can help answer the most pressing question in the consumer's mind.
  • Reach out to our existing student community to conduct interviews, transcribe them, and publish them on the blog. This would also include reaching out to other partners, Universities, and influencers in the higher-ed industry for interviews.
  • Create video content using in-house faculty members – either short explainer videos or slightly longer videos where a concept is taught. This can be done either using a mobile phone or by hiring an external videographer.
  • Use the visual medium by producing basic graphics that can be used on the website. Work with external graphic designers to produce more complex visually appealing infographics. This should be aligned with the brand guidelines.
    Key Skills

  • Excellent command over English – both spoken & written
  • Exceptional copywriting & content creation skills
  • Sound background in content curation and repurposing
  • Working knowledge of any Photo editing / Video editing software
  • Experience in WordPress and various plugins
  • Knowledge of the principles of SEO and Analytics.


    Campaign and Event Marketing Associate - Bangalore


    Job Description:

    As the Campaign & Event Marketing Associate, you will be responsible for developing and executing marketing campaigns using email, social media, and other digital marketing channels.



  • Devise and execute integrated marketing campaigns with the aim of acquiring, engaging and retaining customers.
  • Write copy for promotional materials within marketing campaigns.
  • Track and measure the ROI of various marketing campaigns.
  • Plan and deliver targeted email, SMS and social media campaigns.
  • Ensure that the organization’s brand and identity is adhered to in campaigns and all communication channels.
  • Co-ordinate with external agencies, such as designers, videographers, and printers, who will deliver much of the campaign activity.
  • Deliver regular reports of campaign results, including web analysis and key marketing metrics.
  • Maintain regular reports on the ROI of various campaigns.
  • Take responsibility for the organization of any trade shows, events or exhibitions.

    Skills Required:


  • Preferably 1-3 years of experience in Digital Marketing.
  • Excellent writing skills are a pre-requisite as you will frequently have to write copy for marketing promotions.
  • Familiarity with planning, implementing and analyzing online marketing campaigns across various digital marketing channels.
  • Experience in e-mail marketing and event marketing is a plus.
  • Good understanding and sense of design.


    Admission Counsellor - Bangalore

    We have an excellent job opportunity for an Admission Counsellor in the Application Services team at CrackVerbal.
    Counselling and Sales:

  • Counsel prospects on their profile and educate them on the career paths and services we can offer.
  • Share information on various courses, colleges, application process and deadlines.
  • Qualify, and generate interest for sales opportunities to achieve quarterly sales targets.
  • Update CRM on regularly with information about conversation with prospects.
  • Attend sales group meetings to discuss sales targets, forecasts, and report on market situation and competition.

  • Maintain record of the services taken up by each customer and keep track of the progress of each application.
  • Collect information about individual colleges and programmes and maintain relationship with college representatives/admission team.
  • Ensure high customer satisfaction, collecting feedback and testimonials.
    Your Check-List:

  • Previous experience in counselling and applications with education abroad in geographies such as US, Canada, UK and Australia.
  • Excellent oral and written communications skills as this role require telephonic and face to face counselling.
  • Understand the value of being systematic and process-driven in sales and nurture long-term relationships with prospects.
    If this job sounds exciting, please go ahead and apply below.


    Business Development Manager - Bangalore

    Conversation starter #Marketing #Sales #Targets #HandsomeIncentives #Talking #Coordination #Research #Followups #Business Development #Business Plans #Customer relations #Strategic planning
    Did these words, bring a smile on your face! could you very much relate it to what you want to do?
    Then we need you! This job would entail:

  • Target Achievement: Responsible for generating new business and achieving target sales/revenue for our classroom offerings (GMAT / GRE) that are aimed at both at college-going students and corporate professionals.
  • Engaging Prospects: A major activity would be talking with prospects to explain our offerings and take them through the sales funnel. It will include calling up web leads and engaging prospects through email / SMS.
  • Team Management: You are expected to manage other business development managers to help reach their sales goals so it rolls up to the targets for the entire division. This would involve reviewing sales reports, evaluating pipeline, and coaching on sales best practices.
  • Marketing Strategies: Implement promotional activities needed to increase leads for the programs. This would entail working collaboratively with other functions such as digital marketing, academics, and management to ensure desired goals are met.
  • Client Servicing: Understand the value of excellent student experience in providing referrals and building the brand image. So you would work in the local center by providing enthusiastic, hands-on customer service.
    Please read this before applying, this role requires you to:

  • Have spent about 1-4 years in direct selling or field sales.
  • Work on weekends, with Mondays being the weekly off.
  • Be self-motivated, dynamic, and understand the importance of sales targets.
  • Have excellent oral and written communications skills (in the top 1%)
  • Understand the value of being systematic and process-driven in sales.
  • Be good in nurturing long-term relationships with prospects & students.
  • Preferably have prior experience selling to colleges or to the corporate.



    Work Culture at CrackVerbal


    This is what lies at the core of CrackVerbal!

    1. Quality

    We have missed deadlines and got into trouble (quite often!) with our bosses. But we have never yet compromised on the quality of anything we create—be it academic content, marketing communication, or anything else—just to meet targets or deadlines. And we never will!

    2. Service

    We bend over backwards for our students—whether it is the sales team who try to customize our offerings for prospective students, the academics team who try to answer every student query even if it means doing extra work or research, or the support team who explore any and every way to accommodate student requests for material or classes or scheduling. We hate to say no.

    3. Integrity

    At the core of everything we do lies Honesty. We have never made tall claims, never promised the moon, never misrepresented facts; yes, we may have tried a bit of creative marketing, but fundamentally, everything anyone from the CrackVerbal family promises or offers, is true and honest. And that is what wins us trust.

    4. Innovation

    We have explored new products, new geographies, new marketing techniques, new content… and expended effort and time on these; some of them succeeded, and some of them failed miserably. But we have not stopped trying. We keep trying new things, again and again, irrespective of the number of mistakes. We don’t play safe. Otherwise, we wouldn’t be around! That’s why we are who we are.

    Does this excite you? If you think you fit the bill then shoot an email to careers@crackverbal.com! We would love to hear from you!