A tough and tiresome road to 740

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That’s an awesome De-brief
J Lot of points to be learnt from this.

Expert Answered on September 1, 2015.
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Hi guys

Have you already given the GMAT once (or twice) and are still being ravaged by verbal questions? You think that you did everything and still scored below expectations? I went through the same journey and somehow came on top.
First Attempt:
I heard so many friends scoring well on the GMAT that I thought it will not too tough, if not fairly easy. So I sat about a month before the exam and completed the OG, the verbal review and gave a couple of powerprep tests. I scored a 710 on the mock. So I gave my first attempt: BANG: FIRST FAILURE: 660. I was in despair, there was a difference of 50 points in the mock and the actual GMAT.
Second Attempt:
I took this GMAT affair seriously now. In came CrackVerbal. Arun’s sessions helped me strengthen my previously haphazard concepts. I completed all the sheets, books and advanced docs diligently. I had literally crammed up the OG and verbal review till now. I gave both the powerprep free mocks (I-740, II-750), Kaplan-free test(740), Manhattan-3 tests (680-720). I was ready ready this time. In fact, I had written 6 AWAs and practiced over 100 IR questions  as well. This might give you an insight on how prepared I was. When I saw the computer screen on the real GMAT day, I was shattered, heart-broken and felt lost. I scored a 700(Q49, V35). Not that 700 is a bad score, but again I was below par on my expectations.
So what really went wrong? Retrospecting, 2 things I failed on:

1. Full test sittings are very very important. Always give Full tests. DO NOT SKIP AWA WHENEVER YOU GIVE FULL TESTS. Everything before quant and verbal takes a toll on you and you need to be ready for that.
2. Simulate the test environment. Try to use CrackVerbal’s slots for taking exams in their centres, especially if you have nervous breakdowns like me.
Third Attempt:
With a very heavy heart, I paid another 16k from my pocket. All I did this time was, give 5 complete tests of Kaplan (AWA-verbal) and completed the Kaplan Quizzes. Far from nervous, I was indifferent for this attempt. I promised myself that whatever be the score, I will be satisfied. I played it like Dhoni, with a cool head and a strong temperament. I ended with a well balanced score of 740 (Q-50, V40, IR-7)
1. When you are ready ready for the GMAT exam, time will never bother you neither on verbal nor on quant. Not even on the IR. If it is bothering you, then you are yet to optimize and reach your best.
2. I have heard a lot of people say that their material is finished. If you are in this category, let me tell you there’s enough material out there for you to do for 2 years and never finish. Contact me IF YOU DISAGREE.
3. LAST DAY JITTERS: These are the most painful. Have a strategy and tell yourself “GMAT is not the end to the world”. DO NOT PRESSURIZE YOURSELF.
4. Last but not the least, please stop double checking and doubly reassuring that you have marked the right answer. A HUGE WASTE OF TIME.
Thank you CrackVerbal and Arun for always helping out!!!
Cheer and best wishes to everyone who are next in line.
Karan Virani
email: karanvirani90@gmail.com
Default Answered on August 29, 2015.
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