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I have been giving free profile evaluation on other websites and now have decided to start doing so only on Crackverbal forums going ahead 🙂

Here is how this works! I need you to provide me with the following details (be concise but clear):

  1. Undergraduate / master’s educational qualification
  2. GMAT Score (Total with Q/V split)
  3. Work Experience (Company / Title / Responsibility / Promotions)
  4. Extra Curricular (Hobbies / Interests )
  5. Career Goals (Industry / Function / Geography)

Based on this, please ask specific questions related to the MBA Applications Process. Please remember generic questions would get generic responses. The more detailed and specific your questions – the more actionable would be my advice.

Hint: avoid questions such as “what are my chances at XYZ school?” or “how to improve my profile” or “please tell me what schools should i apply to”

Let’s get the ball rolling! 🙂



Asked on November 19, 2016 in MBA Admissions.
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Sir is GMAT score is must for evaluating the profile?

Answered on November 28, 2016.

Hi Mohan,

Without a GMAT score there is very little that can be analysed about the choice of schools. However, if the question is with the assumption that the GMAT scores are within the range of schools you are planning to apply then we can certainly look at the results.


on December 1, 2016.
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Hi Arun,

Thanks …. Actually from last two days i was searching for platform where i can ask few questions regarding my preparations and my Goal.

Educational Qualification  BE. From IT with 78%
GMAT Score 550 (Q46 V19) in 2015 – 1st attempt Planning to give GMAT in Feb 2017.
Work Experience 6 years
Extra Curricular Photography , Sports
Career Goals I want to Opt management courses such as  from Top college.
1) Tour & Travels
2) Media and communication
I searched a lot but I didn’t find any college apart from MICA , IITTM and few good colleges from India.


First my doubt is that what should be my preparation plan.

I started with RC and learned few strategies and practiced that. i have completed my OG & VR but now problem is that i do not know from where i need to practice more , because i know that if i didn’t keep practicing then slowly and slowly strategies of solving RC & my learning for RC  will fade away.Please help. i literally want help for this area because same problem i will be facing for each section.

Currently i am doing my SC and practicing from OG & VR.

After this i will start CR from coming weekend.

So please let me know that what should be my plan so that i can keep practicing things which i have already completed  and sources from where i can practice.



As i mentioned in the above table that i want to pursue management course in 1) Tours & Travel or 2)Media &  Mass communication and i have searched a lot for the colleges and what GMAT score required for this but i didn’t find any things regarding these courses.So please let me know details about these courses , its scope , and college & score required for these courses.

Please also suggest how can i groom my self for application process.

Please do suggest few courses which focus on Creativity and Innovation apart from which i mentioned.


Once again thanks for providing a wonderful ,descriptive & concise way to solve/tackle questions for each section. I have seen good improvement in my RC and SC  skills till now compare to last year’s.


Thanks in advance.

Answered on November 28, 2016.

Hi Sujeet,

Thanks for giving such a descriptive background. I will keep the prep questions out – please mail it to the academics team / give us a call to discuss.

Let me keep my scope restricted to the specific questions you have asked:


1) Tours & Travel or 2)Media &  Mass communication and i have searched a lot for the colleges and what GMAT score required for this but i didn’t find any things regarding these courses.So please let me know details about these courses , its scope , and college & score required for these courses.

Firstly the reason you were not able to find anything on these is because there is no MBA program that specialises in these. At best these are short-term courses. You don’t want to sink in the kind money an MBA requires into such specific courses.

Remember that an MBA is a general management course – you really take a few electives more to become a “specialist” but at the end of the day you will be a generalist. This is a gujarathi/ rajasthani thali and not a stand-alone dish like butter chicken 🙂

Also you have not mentioned WHY you want to do these courses – I really don’t see how your background connects. I see you have 6 years experience after BE in IT. So I assume you really don’t have existing experience in this field.

I would suggest you go for a general management MBA and then figure out what you want to do once you are in the program. You can always take the help of the Career Services division to pitch yourself to specific companies in your domain such as Thomas Cook, or Cox&King etc.


2) Please also suggest how can i groom my self for application process. Please do suggest few courses which focus on Creativity and Innovation apart from which i mentioned.

Read, Read, and Read some more! 🙂

All the information is out there. But you can start with a few resources such as:

Also remember linkedin is your best friend (feel free to add me: search for my name). You can see people who are doing the job you dream of. See what their background is – see where they got their MBA from.

Lastly you can always sign up for MOOCs such as Udacity and Coursera to see if there are any courses in this area. I am pretty sure there are on Creativity and Innovation.


Hope this helps 🙂




on December 1, 2016.
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Hi Arun Sir,

Thanks for your effort of taking time in evaluating the profiles. Please find my details below.


  1. Undergraduate / master’s educational qualification: B.Tech (Information Technology)
  2. GMAT Score (Total with Q/V split): 480 (Q-42, V-15)
  3. Work Experience (Company / Title / Responsibility / Promotions): I have 6 years of experience and working with Tech Mahindra at Hyderabad. I work as an Associate Team Lead. Main responsibilities are to manage a team and work  on technical challenges.
  4. Extra Curricular (Hobbies / Interests ): I work as a Corporate Leader at Teach For India @ Hyderabad. The main responsibilities include conducting educational events at corporate companies and act as coordinator between the NGO and the Company to promote education related goals of Teach For India.
  5. Career Goals (Industry / Function / Geography): I want to pursue a career as a Consultant and work on complex business problems. Want to join a good Consulting company with no choice of location. Down the line of 5 years in my Consulting career, I want to start my own Consulting firm in India.

Things eating my head are the below:

  1. I gave my GMAT in sep – 2016 but it was a bad attempt. Post that due to office work pressure I had to move to client location within India for 1 month and had a hectic work. Focus on my GMAT got dim. Now if I start my prep again, the level of preparation I feel is not at all easy. I need at least 3 months to get a decent score of 650. But if I aim for 700+ I would need more time. Now if I give my GMAT in 2017 (probably). I would take atleast 6 months to reach the score of 700+.
  2. Given my age as 29 now, if I get an admission at the age of 30 or 31. is that a correct age to get an MBA. I saw most of the schools are having avg age as 29. So if I get admission at the age of 31 or 32, I will graduate at 34. Will this be a factor hindering my placements?
Answered on November 28, 2016.

Hi Jagan,


My responses to the 2 points that are “eating” your head (actually nothing in life should bother you so much!) 🙂

Point 1:

I don’t think GMAT scores are dependent on time. If that were to be the case then children would start preparing in school – hoping to hit a 800 by the time they finish college. Something tells me that you are looking at this as an effort-based approach while GMAT is really a logic-based approach.

I know of students who have cracked a 700+ with just 3 months of solid prep. Write to the prep team for a new study plan and get cracking!

Point 2:

Don’t worry about age for now – improving your GMAT scores for now. I know plenty of people who ended up doing their MBA in their early 30s.

Would placements potentially be a problem? Perhaps but we can cross the bridge when we get to it. Putting such thoughts now are a sure shot way to kill your motivation 🙂


Hope this helps,


on December 1, 2016.
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Hello Arun!

Thanks for hosting this.

1. Education – Bachelors in Mass Media (Maj. Advertising) – Uni. of Mumbai 2012

2.  GMAT:  590 (42Q 29V) & target – 700

3. Work Experience –  4.5 years of total work ex.

  • 2 years in advertising where I drove social media  & digital strategy for Bharti AXA , Axis Bank, Harsha Bhogle etc.
  • 2.5 years – Launched my own travel startup (shortlisted by IIM B as top50 prototype stage startups in the country). Worked for a year at cross platform media solution/retail app startup and brought in its first 10000 customers before it shut down.

Currently working at a background verification startup and heading the marketing function.

4. Extra Curriculars – I enjoy playing chess. I used to play national level chess as a kid. I dabble in travel blogging and photography.

5.  Career Goals – International exposure and having academic backing for my current role, responsibilities and current designation.                                                                  5 year plan – is to gain international management experience at a global corporation.


1. Given my profile, should my story focus heavily on the entrepreneurial experience I have?

2. Should recommendation letters completely echo what the application story says or it’s fine if it touches on one or two points?

3. Sorry for a generic question – Do you know if IMD/ St.  Gallan are keen on having people with entrepreneurial experience?



Answered on November 29, 2016.

Hi Chaitanya,

Great profile but as you are aware GMAT would be a concern.

Responses to your points below:

1) I think you should focus on the entrepreneurial journey – more than success or failure – what is important is the life lessons you learned. The whole application should be themed around it.

2)  If the recommendation letters”echo” the application essays – you have a problem! The b-school will suspect you wrote it or the confidentiality was compromised. Here are a few resources:

3) IMD  typically takes people with higher workexp so you may not be able to apply with 5 years experience. However St.Gallen has a great program – one of the oldest in Europe. Plus you get to live in Switzerland.

Having said so, as you might be aware the European economy is not very sanguine so you might need to consider the overall plan before you apply.


Hope this helps,


PS: Your career goals have to be more fixed / finite that saying “international experience”. Research more about the options here:


on December 1, 2016.
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Thank You Arun for creating most relevant post.

  1. Undergraduate / master’s educational qualification
    • Chartered Accountant
  2. GMAT Score (Total with Q/V split)
    • 590 (Q45 V26) in Oct-16 (1st attempt). Planning to give GMAT in Jan-17
  3. Work Experience (Company / Title / Responsibility / Promotions)
    • Work Experience: 10 Years
    • Working as a Manager (Accounts) in Listed Oil & Gas Company
  • Extra Curricular (Hobbies / Interests ): Bullet Riding
  • Career Goals (Industry / Function / Geography)
    • Clear GMAT with atleast 700 Score
    • I want to do MBA from ISB, IIM-A/B/C, SPJain.
    • Reach to a Top position in listed MNC such as CFO by age of 40 years (Current age:35) OR pursue career as a consultant at top Consulting firms.

I am enrolled with Crackverbal. So, totally trust Crack verbal team for preparation of GMAT.

My Queries are as below:

  1. Is it worthwhile to do an MBA from ISB at the age of 35? If yes, what are the chances of vertical growth in career?
  2. Would you recommend MBA outside India at the age of 35 years eventhough most of the International Bschools have average age of 29?

Thanks in advance.

Answered on November 29, 2016.

Hi Maniyar,

A CA with 10years experience makes your profile really impressive. I am pretty sure that a great GMAT score (700+) will added the necessary “oomph factor” to your application 🙂

An MBA can be worthwhile at any age but you need to be realistic about your goals. So I would suggest that you have a clear plan – utilise your network heavily to search for the job so the bschool gets comfort that you are not depending completely on them.

If you are clear about what you want to do – let us say you want to get into the CFO-suite where you will work with on strategic initiatives in corporate finance in companies in the core industry. All you have to do is find out the open positions in such companies and see if an ISB or an IIM-A placement guy can reach them.

Outside of India the only problem is you might uproot your entire family. So if you have kids who are growing up or a spouse who is working then you might unnecessarily end up impacting them. Also homeloans, car loans, and a general inability to change that comes with age (don’t worry I am not a spring chicken so I know what I am talking :D)

Hope this helps,


on December 1, 2016.
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Dear Arun Sir,
Thank you for taking some time out for evaluating profiles of CV students including me.
1) Pravin Khade
    Native of Pune,Maharashtra.
    B.Sc. from University of Pune in 1998.
    I got selected as Deputy Collector (DC) by M.P.S.C. in 2001.
    But I joined as DC in Government of Maharashtra (GoM) on 28/9/2006 as I was preparing for U.P.S.C. (for I.A.S.) in the period between 2001-2006.
    Then I took long leave twice for U.P.S.C. preparation from 22/8/2011 to 28/2/2013 (i.e. around 1 year and 6 months)
                                                                                from 26/5/2014 to 30/9/2016 ( i.e. around 2 years and 4 months)(this includes delay on the part of GoM in issuing my joining order)
    But , I remained in the service from 28/9/2006 till date and there is no break in the service.
    So,at the age of 38 I do have job experience only of 6 years and 4 months.
    Will this negatively affect my chances of getting into one of top 50 B-schools ,preferably IIMA,ISB,NUS ?
2) My hobbies include travelling,trekking,driving (my car),yoga,swimming,playing chess,basketball,watching movies etc
3) I registered with CV in July last year and I am yet to appear for GMAT.
    I plan to do my MBA in 2018-19 academic session.
    Till then,I plan to improve my profile and polish my skills for admission process to B-schools starting in the middle of next year.
4) My career goal is to work for best companies which provide nice work culture and personal growth opportunities after doing my MBA.(too idealistic ?)
    Thus,I want to switch from Government to Private sector.
    I want to work across various geographies in the world.
    Here the hidden agenda is to combine my hobby of travelling with my future job.
    But main agenda is to gain wide and enriching experience through my work.
    Then after gaining wide experience,I want to enter into academics in the field of Management Science.
So,I would be very grateful if you kindly evaluate my profile and suggest some essential steps I must take to realise my career goal.
Thank you.
Pravin Khade.
Answered on November 30, 2016.

Hi Pravin,

Interesting profile and yes definitely you need to be a bit creative around explaining the slight lower experience given your age. For example you need to showcase the kind of skills you bring from your field of working in the government to a b-school.

However, that can be worked upon if you end up doing well on the GMAT. I see you joined last year – so better you take it in 2017 and don’ delay it further. The older you get, the harder it is going to be for the b-school to get you “placed”.

Lastly, your post MBA goal have to be  a little more specific. Right now it seems a bit vague. You need to tell WHAT you want to do, HOW you will end up doing it, and WHY an MBA is the best way to get it. Don’t worry these are things that you will figure out as you go about researching a bit more. Here is a place you can start from:

Hope this helps,




on December 6, 2016.
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Hi Arun,

Thanks for taking the time to start this thread. I had couple of questions regarding my profile and I was hoping to get some advice from your end. Here is my profile to begin.

    1. Undergraduate / master’s educational qualification: B.Sc Geology (ranked first)/ M.Sc Geology(ranked first) (Univ of Mumbai), M.S Geology (Univ of Illinois) 3.82 GPA


    1. GMAT Score (Total with Q/V split): 650 (V47, Q32).


    1. Work Experience (Company / Title / Responsibility / Promotions): Started work in oil service field, worked middle east for less than a year on offshore locations. Then after my M.S worked as a Geologist in US state geological survey on multiple consultancy projects for 2.5 yrs. Then moved to BP as a Geologist and worked there for 4+ years in new venture and exploration strategy group, worked on BP’s entry into Brazil and Mexico as part of the technical strategy team. Was part of the team which won BP its first deal in Mexico. Also worked on Trinidad and US projects.


    1. Extra Curricular (Hobbies / Interests ): Have been active in multiple outreach programs. 1)Rebuilding Houston Together – where I was part of the volunteer team where we went to low income housing to fix houses of elderly residence. 2) Was the BP point of contact and volunteered at “The Center” which is an organization for the intellectually disabled. 3)Been an active alumni for Univ of Illinois and was part of the recruitment team which visited the university 4) Actively fostered stray dogs in Houston. 5) Keen interest in fitness, weight training. 6) Woodworking and organic gardening are couple of my hobbies.


    1. Career Goals (Industry / Function / Geography): I want to specialize in either Business strategy or consulting due to my background in it. I have worked extensively in new ventures, new market entry and long term business strategy and I have a lot of experience in risk and uncertainty management. All my experience so far has been in a single industry and I am want to use my MBA to diversify and to gain experience in other industries. Right now I have been looking at things from mainly a technical point of view and my next step is to get into the management side of strategy.  Looking at Canadian schools and would like to remain in N.America.


The questions that I have for you are,

    1. The main reason for my plan to get back to school is the widen my options when it comes to industries. I am 35 yrs old and I have seen that I am sort of at the far end of the spectrum in terms of age for most universities. Currently I am in India since my visa in US ran out and I had to move back to India. Since I wanted to dedicate my efforts towards the Gmat I have not yet searched for a job. Would these three factors (career change, age, unemployment) adversely effect my application.


    1. Since in Canada there are not many options in terms of the top tier universities, there are two universities in my list (Queen, Ivey) which have a 1 yr program. In your opinion would a 1 yr program be appropriate for a career change.


    1. Also looking at my profile in general, since I am mainly trained in a very specific technical field would that have effect on my application. Also do you have any advice on what part of my profile should I try to highlight more or less to help my application.


    1. I am mainly trying to get into Business strategy but in your opinion is it too narrow a specialization or should I venture further away from my past experiences so that I have more options after my mba.


Once again thanks for taking the time to start this thread and I look forward to your comments.


Vineeth M

Answered on December 8, 2016.
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