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With the growth and competition in online test prep industry and career guidance, one needs to work very closely with applicants to understand their unique need. Check out what Arun Jagannathan, CEO, CrackVerbal has to say about the industry and how he is bridging the gap in test prep. Read more..
CrackVerbal in The Hindu
Students poring over word lists, burning the midnight oil while trying to figure out the ever-elusive quants, endless cups of coffee to combat the soporific effect of words and numbers — it is a scene that is played out every year, when GMAT and CAT are around the corner, and MBA aspirants are feverishly working their way into their coveted B-schools. Though CAT has ruled the roost, more B-Schools are now veering towards GMAT. A conversation with CrackVerbal CEO Arun Jagannathan. Read more..
CrackVerbal in Daily Pioneer
Arun Jagannathan, in an Avenues interview, talks about why the GMAT scores are preferred over CAT and the reason for learning via mobiles. Today students are looking for three things. First, they want flexibility in studying as per their own convenience. Second, they want access to the best faculty for that particular subject and are no longer satisfied with who they have available in their own cities. Read more..

CrackVerbal in Hindustan Times Have you ever wondered if you have it in you to get a management degree from an Ivy League college? If yes, read on to find out how you can realise your dream. The best way to begin your journey to an Ivy League MBA is to ask yourself why you want to do an MBA. Read more..
CrackVerbal in Hindustan Times
Every year more than two lakh people write GMAT and GRE. These students fill up the entrance coaching centres that are found aplenty; Bangalore itself has more than 85 entrance coaching centres. To ensure that students get the skills required, CrackVerbal was founded by Arun Jagannathan, 38 and Shreekala Kurup, 38 in October 2010. Read more..


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