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Current Job Openings at CrackVerbal


Listed below are the current job openings at CrackVerbal. If you feel that you are a perfect fit, then just go ahead and apply! We love people who are young, dynamic and want to make a difference!


1) Verbal Faculty(Chennai):

Are your GMAT or GRE scores conversation starters?

  • Have you ever been accused of being a Grammar Nazi?
  • Does fixing errors in other peoples writing give you a kick?
  • Did you answer with a Yes to most of these questions?
  • Then we need you!


    As part of the CrackVerbal’s Academic team member, you will do 2 things:

    (a) Teaching: As a CrackVerbal Verbal Faculty, you would be teaching along with the best trainers in the business (the average GMAT / GRE scores of our faculty is in the 95th %ile range). What we teach is fixed, but how you teach it is up to you. We want you to bring your personality to the classroom.If you love drama and theatre then this is the place for you because engaging a student with the attention span of a goldfish (eroded by Whatsapp, Facebook, and Twitter) for 3-4 hours is an art.

    (b) Mentoring: Teaching is just part of the job-role, we also expect you to support students through email, and online forums. It is a lot easier to explain while talking writing the same explanation can get very hard.On some days, you may need to conduct workshops, which would require creating content from scratch. On other days, you may need to explain to a student why his score are not improving. Figuring out the problem is usually half the solution but it is usually the more difficult half.


    2) Wordsmiths! (Content Writers):

    Used Bookstores, Proof-reading, Blank diaries and ink pens, First Editions, The Oxford Dictionary, WordPress Blogs, Shakespeare’s sonnets, Kindle Store, Libraries, Grammar Nazi

    If reading these phrases brought a wide smile to your face, then were looking for you!

    As a content writer, your typical day at CrackVerbal will involve a combination of the below activities .

  • Writing blogs and articles for the CrackVerbal website and for other publications.
  • Working with students on their MBA and MS applications by reviewing, editing, and proof-reading essays, resumes and letters of recommendation.
  • Reviewing marketing collateral (such as student outreach emails, campaign emails, and newsletters), academic content, landing page copy, ad copy and SMS broadcasts.
  • Mentoring others in the team on good writing practices – not just syntax and grammar (which are a given), but semantics such as tone and voice.
  • Teaming up with a talented and creative bunch of mavericks to generate awesome ideas!

    4) Business Development Manager(Chennai):

    Conversationstarter #Marketing #Sales #Targets #HandsomeIncentives #Talking #Coordination #Research
    #Followups #Business Development #Business Plans #Customer relations #Strategic planning

    Did these words, bring a smile on your face! could you very much relate it to what you want to do?

    Then we need you ☺

  • You’re creative and aspire to be a leader.
  • You understand the demographic, and speak our customers language(Tamil for Chennai region).
  • Business Development: Responsible for generating new business and achieving target sales/revenue for our classroom/Online offerings (GMAT / GRE) that are aimed at both, at college-going students and corporate professionals.
  • Team Target:  Hola ! You are not alone. You work, compete, learn, greet the challenges and celebrate with your team. How amazing, it would be to work with likeminded contemporaries
  • Engaging Prospects: A major activity would be talking with prospects to explain our offerings and take them through the sales funnel. It will include calling up web leads, meeting walk-ins, and engaging prospects through email / SMS
  • Institutional Tie-ups: Cross new horizons by establishing tie-ups with colleges and corporates and maintaining relationship for on-going engagement
  • Client Servicing: “You don’t close a sale, you open a relationship if you want to build a long-term, successful enterprise”. Help us in Understanding the value of excellent student experience in providing referrals and building the brand image. So you would work in the local centre by providing enthusiastic, hands-on customer service.
  • Marketing Strategies:  We know, The stimulation to active mind is participation in strategies. Come, help us in Developing and implementing promotional activities needed to increase leads for the programs. This would entail working collaboratively with other functions such as marketing, academics, and management to ensure desired goals are met
  • You are the right person for the role if you fit in all of the below!


  • Excellent communication skills
  • Have spent about 3+ years in Sales and BD. Prior experience in working with Educational institutions is a plus
  • Unquenchable thirst to learn and grow
  • Work on weekends, with Mondays being the weekly off.
  • Be self-motivated, dynamic, and understand the importance of sales targets
  • Have excellent oral and written communications skills (in the top 1%)
  • Understand the value of being systematic and process-driven in sales
  • Be good in nurturing long-term relationships with prospects.

    If any of these jobs sound exciting and you cannot wait to talk to someone to know more about this, then just drop an email to hr@crackverbal.com with the answer to this question:

    Why should we hire you?

    Want to know more about us?? You can visit our website at www.crackverbal.com


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