If a drug that is

If a drug that is already on the market has the potential to help adults and children who have the same disease, or if it is widely used in children and the absence of labeling seems dangerous, the FDA can require that the drug undergo pediatric study.

a – that the drug undergo
b – that the drug undergoes
c – that the drug is to undergo
d – the drug undergoing
e – the drug to have to undergo

My Ques: what is wrong with option b?

Expert Asked on January 3, 2018 in Sentence Correction.
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Okay! Can you share some more examples stating the subjunctive mood so that i get more clarity?

Expert Answered on January 7, 2018.
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Good explanation SandeepVudata 🙂

Hope the explanation helped Riya!

Expert Answered on January 9, 2018.
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Yes Sir. Thank you Sandeep!

Expert Answered on January 11, 2018.
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