Is triangle

Is triangle ABC with sides a, b and c acute angled?

1) Triangle with sides a^2,b^2, and c^2 has an area of 140 sq cms.
2) Median AD to side BC is equal to altitude AE to side BC.

How to solve questions like these?

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Hi Riya,

What is the source of this question? It is very poorly worded question with a lot of ambiguities. I would be worried if you are practicing from these resources.

The question does not even tell us which side out of a,b and c is the greatest. For an acute angled triangle if a, b and c are the 3 sides of the triangle and a is the largest side then the triangle is an acute if a^2 < b^2 + c^2. This is the property the question is trying to test but in a very bad way.


Expert Answered 3 days ago.
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