why are options A and B eliminated ?


Turtles, like other reptiles, can endure long ​​fasts, in their ability to survive on weekly or even monthly feedings; however, when food is readily available, they may eat frequently and grow very fat.

A) fasts, in their ability to survive
B) fasts, having their ability to survive
C) fasts, due to having the ability of surviving
D) fasts because they are able to survive
E) fasts because of having the ability of surviving


OA : D


QUESTION :  In option B, i think that ‘having’ correctly modifies the preceding clause, so am unable to spot any errors,

In option A, though it sounds awkward but am unable to pinpoint any specific reason to eliminate.

Intermediate Asked on September 14, 2017 in Sentence Correction.
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Hey Nirvan,

Look at this sentence from a logical point of view.

Turtles can endure long fasts. Why? Because they have the ability to survive on weekly and monthly feedings. Only options D and E use “because” to bring out the causal relationship clearly.

Let’s look at individual answer choices

A: This sentence implies that turtles endure long fasts in order to survive. Changes intended meaning. Hence this option is incorrect

B: “having their ability” – what does “their” refer to? Also, the use of “their” is redundant. Hence this option is incorrect

C: “ability of surviving” is the wrong idiom. The correct usage is “ability to survive”. Hence this option is incorrect

E: “ability of surviving” is the wrong idiom. The correct usage is “ability to survive”. Between D and E, option D is clearer. Hence this option is incorrect

Expert Answered on September 14, 2017.
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