why are options C and D eliminated ?


In 1776 Adam Smith wrote that it is young people who have “the contempt of risk and the presumptuous hope of success” needed to found new businesses.

A. who have
B. with
C. having
D. who are those with
E. who are the ones to have


OA : A

Source : Verbal Review 2018


why are options C and D eliminated ?

Intermediate Asked on September 10, 2017 in Sentence Correction.
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Hey Nirvan,

B: “Young people with” – We need young people who possess certain characteristics to establish new businesses. This sentence doesn’t convey the right meaning. Hence this option is incorrect

C: “Young people having” –  Having is the present participle form of have. We do not use having to express possession. For example, you would say “I have good memory” and not “I am having a good memory”. Hence this option is incorrect

D and E:  “Who are those” and “who are the ones” – redundant. Hence these options are incorrect

Hope this helps 🙂

Expert Answered on September 11, 2017.
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