Woodsville, not Aquaville, should build wind farms in its city.

Woodsville, not Aquaville, should build wind farms in its city. A wind farm, which generates electricity using arrays of thousands of wind-powered turbines, requires vast expanses of open land. Aquaville and Woodsville have similar terrain, but the population density of Aquaville is significantly higher than that of Woodsville. Which of the following, if true, most seriously weakens the argument?
A . Aquaville and Woodsville are adjacent to each other and both are located in the windiest area of the country.
B. The total land area of Woodsville is substantially greater than that of Aquaville.
C. Nearly all of Aquaville’s population is concentrated in a small part of the county, while Woodsville’s population is spread evenly throughout the country.
D. Wind farms require more land per unit of electricity generated than does any other type of electricity generation facility.
 E Some of the electricity generated by wind farms in Woodsville would be purchased by users outside the county. Woodsville, not Aquaville, should build wind farms in its city.
My Question .. Why answer cant be B?
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The national grid owner-operator, has issues trading electricity produced from the area, as there are no appropriate transmission lines to connect to in the area. Despite the fact that the closest lines are 20 km away at Dannevirke, they are low limit 110 kV lines that are as of now obliged by age from the Te Apiti Wind Farm connecting at Woodville. Indeed, even with the now finished reconductoring of the Woodville-Mangamaire-Masterton line, and the proposed reconductoring of the Woodville-Bunnythorpe line, just 110 MW of age could be conceivably attached to the current lines. For more info you can cantact this best essay writing service to have wonderful support in your writing papers.

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I believe the answer to my question is irrelevant.

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