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Teach Part-time at CrackVerbal


Why teach at CrackVerbal?

If you are looking at a part-time assignment (around 12-24 hours a month, that too on weekends), teaching at CrackVerbal can be fun and lucrative (starting Rs.1000 per hour)!
We take a lot of pride in our instructors who are:
1. Typically high-scorers in standardized tests such as the GMAT or the GRE. If you have not taken the test then this might not be for you.
2. Passionate about teaching and do so for the joy of sharing their knowledge with others. Our typical faculty already has an MBA/MS degree for a top school.
3. Committed to working for 2 consecutive weekends (9 am-12 noon or 2 pm-5 pm) in any of our centers in Bangalore (Koramangala, Marthahalli, Infantry Road) or Chennai (Adyar).
Click here to view the profiles of our current faculty and mentors:

How does it work?

1. If you are interested please call us on or write to us at hr@crackverbal.com with a short bio and your contact details.
2. We will call you to have an initial chat to understand your background as well as clarify any doubts that you may have.
3. We will sign a simple contractor agreement and an NDA, which will have clauses such as non-compete and IP protection.
4. We would then provide you with some videos to see how classes are conducted at CrackVerbal (you can always choose to sit in an existing session)
5. We would then provide you with a set of 10-12 questions that you can take in front of a live class as a “demo” session. We would be helping you with the answers, as well as with tips on classroom management. The idea is to see if you have a natural flair for teaching.
6. We would be collecting feedback from students (objective) and our own internal assessment (subjective) to discuss with you on the way forward.
7. If there are no major issues we would get started with the training on the actual module (you may pick one among sentence correction, critical reasoning, reading comprehension, or quantitative aptitude).
8. We would provide you with the videos for that session (again you can choose to sit through in-person at any of our classes), the slide deck used in the class, and debrief from the master trainer to understand the subtle nuances of each topic and question.
9. We will publish your schedule a month in advance after considering your preferences and our constraints (timing, dates, location etc).
10. You start teaching!


Frequently Asked Questions

1. Would it conflict with my main 9-5 job?
We have had many of our instructors work in top companies and as long as you follow the simple guidelines you should not be in trouble:
a. Disclose to your manager that you are involved in weekend part-time teaching of Verbal/Quant aptitude.
b. Disclose your additional income (we would be providing you with a TDS certificate) to the tax authority.
c. Not use your position/title/company name in any way in this engagement to promote yourself.
d. Neither use your company resource nor work during company time for any engagement with us. If any emergency comes up at work then your company requirements are more important than this engagement.
2. Who would the payments be made to?
We would be providing an online bank transfer to your account after deducting the statutory TDS (10%). We will be providing you with a TDS certificate for making your claim before the end of the financial year.
We believe in keeping it simple and straightforward so we don’t deal in cash. There are no exceptions.
3. How large is a typical class?
Some of our classes are under 10 students while some of the classes go upto 50 students. There is a lot of class management, conflict management, and time management skills involved that you would pick up as you gain experience.
4. Can I take multiple modules?
Some of our senior faculty take multiple modules in large class setups. However, that would come with time as you develop comfort with the content. Typically we like to start slow with 1 module and a smaller class setup.
5. Can I teach or consult elsewhere?
As long as it is not related to test prep (any kind – including CAT) and does not involve any conflict with the material used to teach at CrackVerbal, we do not have any problems. We would expect full disclosure of the same to ensure we are on the same page.
6. Can I choose to remain incognito?
If for some reason you do not wish your name or photograph to be published on the website then we respect your choice. However, in the class do expect students to be inquisitive about your background.

What do our instructors have to say about us?


Suresh Raghavendra – IIM-B EPGP Co 2013suresh


“I have been associated with CrackVerbal since 2012. As a consultant, I have always been treated professionally at CrackVerbal, and I am happy to be associated with them.”



Pradyot Anand –  ISB Co 2008


“Having worked for 2 years as a faculty at CrackVerbal, I liked the freedom given to me to structure the classes as I felt best and also the cross-pollination of ideas based on our different teaching styles. I’d unreservedly recommend CrackVerbal to both, prospective MBA candidates and part/full-time GMAT faculty.”

Once again – what are the next steps?

Don’t worry if you still have a lot of questions email or call us on +91-9972159800 and we will take you through it.