Can someone explain why we choose B and not C ?


Salesperson: When shopping, the average customer, after researching a product, will not purchase it if it is overpriced. Most music enthusiasts research entertainment products before buying them. So, there is no point trying to sell our high-fidelity speaker systems since they are overpriced.

The patter of reasoning in which one of the following arguments is most similar to that in the salesperson’s argument above?

A. Most amateur critics will not review a book if they have reason to believe they will not enjoy reading it. Nobody who dislikes a certain genre of music will enjoy reading a book on the history and theory of that genre. Thus. nobody will review your book on the history and theory of country music, since no amateur critics enjoy listening to country music.

B. The union of education sector employees will not endorse a candidate who does not support their interests. None of our party’s candidates standing for school board elections support the interests of this union. So none of our party’s candidates for the school board will be endorsed by the union.

C. Nobody will tour an island getaway if they believe other islands in the area have more attractive beaches. Anybody taking a vacation in this stretch of islands will have researched all of the beaches on all of the islands in the area. So our tourism agency should improve the public image of our beaches.

D. Famous actors and actresses will support an organization only if they believe that their cause is just. Patricia Moore, a famous actress, does not believe that the cause of Green Thumbs Up is just. Therefore, no famous actors and actresses will support Green Thumbs Up.

E. No female guppy will mate with a male guppy if the male is visibly less healthy than other males in the school. Therefore, a male guppy which has no visible ill-health symptoms will have no trouble mating.

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For such questions, it is better to draw a diagram to understand the argument clearly.

People who research will not buy something overpriced

People search entertainment systems before buying.

Our speakers are overpriced hence no one will buy them.

Let us see B:

Union won’t endorse anyone who doesn’t support them

We don’t support Union

Union won’t support us.

This example is similar to:

People who take GMAT won’t waste time on Facebook

IT folks spend a lot of time on Facebook

IT folks won’t take the GMAT.

Answer option C brings in the “public image” – but who says they cannot get other opinions when people do research. So it starts going in a direction that is different from the argument strategy explained above.

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Expert Answered on August 22, 2017.
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Option C is talking about improving something, while the main statement is about not having or doing something which is more  appropriately explained  in option B.

Default Answered on August 9, 2017.
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