Shouldn’t D be the answer

43). On the number line, the distance between point A and point C is 5 and the distance between point B and point C is 20. Does point C lie between A and B?
I. The distance between point A and point B is 25
II. Point A lies to the left of Point B.

Isn’t B sufficient too. clearly if if A is to the left of B, and distance between A and C is 5, B cannot be between A and C, hence C is in between A and B

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Hi Nikita,

While solving a DS question, you first need to spend some time on the question stem and then think about the two statements. If we breakdown the question stem then there will be four possible scenarios:

  1. A——5 —— C ——20 ———B
  2. B —–15——A——–5 ———C
  3. C——5——-A——–15——–B
  4. B—–20 ——C——–5———-A

Statement 1 : The distance between A and B is 25

Only scenario 1 and 2 out of the 4 will be applicable here and in both cases we have C to be in between A and B. Sufficient.

Statement 2 : Point A lies to the left of Point B

Scenarios 1 and 3 are applicable here which gives us a YES or NO. Insufficient.


Expert Answered on January 9, 2018.
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